Bowmont celebrates its 5th Anniversary!

Dear friends,

This month Bowmont celebrates its 5th year anniversary! This anniversary may not be very significant, but nonetheless marks a milestone in the presence of Opus Dei in Alberta. It is with great joy and with immense gratitude that we celebrate this small but important moment.

In 2016, Bowmont opened its doors with the mission to help men grow in virtues and acquire the qualities of true leaders. During these gestational years, we have had multiple formational and cultural initiatives, including insightful guest speakers, classes, workshops and excursions. These events have helped us reach many young men in Alberta and it is our intention to keep offering these events. It is also worthwhile noting that as of this year, Bowmont has been home to more than twenty different students and young professionals from around the globe. Bowmont has been a place of growth, formation and fraternity for these young men. 

We are thrilled to see Bowmont grow and leave its mark on the life of those who come around Bowmont. Taking heed of the words of Saint Josemaría “heaven and earth seem to merge on the horizon. But where they really meet is in your hearts, when you sanctify your everyday lives,” we want to help people find God in their everyday lives and expand the horizons of many men in this beautiful province of Alberta. Truly, we have just begun and look forward to expanding the reach and impact of Bowmont.

To commemorate this anniversary we have printed prayer cards of Saint Josemaría and St. Joseph, that you can find at Bowmont, in addition to branded apparel that can be found at Bowmont as well. All the proceeds will go towards a new Tabernacle.

I would like to take advantage of this milestone to thank you for supporting Bowmont throughout these years and in the years to come!

Best regards,

Mateo Rodríguez Aguirre



Clockwise from top left: study room; Bowmont; young men get-together; the Oratory; entrance foyer

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