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A little bit of background...

Family Development Canada is a non-profit educational charity that promotes parenting courses for married couples developed by the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) across Canada. Its board members represent the different local steering committees from east to west in order to facilitate communication between the Family Enrichment Centres in the different parts of Canada and to expand to new areas when possible.

For more than three decades, tens of thousands of people around the world have benefited from courses in Family Enrichment. The courses began in the 60’s ‎and are currently offered in 66 countries, in 5 continents.

Based on the case study method, pioneered at Harvard Business School, participants read through a case, which is a short story depicting a real-life situation, and then analyze it to determine: the facts, the problems and the
potential solutions. In doing this individually and as a group, they acquire many important skills that will help them both in their personal lives and in their professional lives. They will be equipped to deal effectively with the challenges they encounter and work better as a team.  Additionally, the participation in the courses builds a supportive network among families.

Family Enrichment courses are designed according to the developmental stages of life. The methodology is essentially participatory, consisting in the discussion of the cases. The cases are analyzed and debated in the large, General Group Sessions. These sessions are moderated by experienced married couples/parents who are experts of the case and its theme. Each case is accompanied by a brief technical note, which discusses the theme in a concise manner.

In preparation for each subsequent General Session, participants meet for one hour in a small group setting to discuss the case in a more relaxed & friendly ambiance. This fun get-together allows participants to get to know each other and share their thoughts on the case. Each small group has a team leader couple to facilitate so that everyone has a chance to speak about the case. There are no group opinions, just a friendly and open exchange. These foundational guidelines are upheld as the standard for participation.

Family Enrichment Calgary was founded in 2018 as the local centre for Family Development Canada in Calgary; it promotes and delivers IFFD courses because they offer support to parents by encouraging them to be united in their approach to parenting. The courses encourage parents to understand & appreciate the importance of their married love for the whole family. They also enable parents to identify needs, solve problems and set goals for their family. IFFD courses also provide parents with practical suggestions and ideas for their own family life given by experienced parents.

First Decisions Course Starting on March 26

Family Enrichment Calgary has already had various well attended and successful courses in Alberta, and now wants to invite parents with children between 8 and 11 years old to the upcoming “First Decisions” course.

In this age range, children feel comforable in the environment in which they find themselves. As a consequence, they start making a wide range of personal decisions in many daily situations. To assist them in making good choices, and setting a good foundation for the future years, children need to have a set of values to us as a reference.

If you have children in this age group, or know someone who does and could benefit from attending this course, don’t hesitate and REGISTER today. There are still a few spots left!


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